Fashion Bloggers Connect [tm] is an exclusive talent collective and a fashion marketing event series based out of San Francisco representing fashion and style bloggers worldwide. 



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Fashion Bloggers Connect @ Pigment Cosmetics.  Tech In The Fashion Industry. In this open forum, we will examine how technology has reshaped the fashion industry. We will mainly discuss “blogging” as a form of media outlet in today’s social media conscious society.


Alan Masarsky/ Clipta
Erin Hagstrom/ Cali Vintage
Laura Ellner/ On The Racks
Marie Denee/ The Curvy Fashionista
Siv Lam/ JCrewaholics
Michelle Ruiz / Modelina Michelle
Mignon Gould / The Chic Spy



1. Tweeting about Fashion
2. Twitters and Followers
3. Discuss, RSS Feeds, Keywords, Bookmarking, etc’s.
4. Social media, why it works
5. Search Engine Optimization
6. Tech Talks and terminologies


1. How has blogging affected the fashion landscape? 
2. Why is blogging a popular media in fashion? 
3. What are the challenges in blogging about fashion? 
4. How do you become a successful fashion blogger? 
5. Why blog about fashion? 
6. What is a relevant fashion article? 
7. How to Keep track of your readership
8. What are the blogging tools available out there?
9. Should I start my own fashion blog? Is it worth my time?