Special thanks to the FeedMob SF organization for providing a platform for volunteers to come together year after year.  We hope the SFFaMA community will join us as volunteers.


About FeedMob SF

FeedMob SF is an idea brought together by good friends wanting to make a difference in our community. Mob mentality generally has a negative stigma but it doesn't have to be so. We have flashmobs and fitmobs bringing positivity in large groups, so why not take that mentality and do something positive in our community. Welcome to FeedMob.

FeedMob SF will be hosting pop up gatherings throughout San Francisco to not only feed those in need but get to know those individuals on a more human level. It takes 2 seconds to toss a quarter in a cup but a simple "how are you doing?" can reach places a quarter can't. Please come out and join us, we can all make a difference while having a feel good experience.