SFFaMA Inc. would like to thank the community for so much positive feedback over the years.  Below, to name a few!  Add to this page by sharing your own experience with SFFaMA.


“Owen Geronimo, I wanted to say that I love the SFFAMA events. It is amazing to me how many people in San Francisco bay ares want fashion information and networking. I am so supportive of what you have created.”

— Joanna Weidenmiller  


The Beauty Bohemian

I had such a great, great time tonight at ‘Fashion Mash-Up!' It was extremely enlightening. You did a fantastic job pulling it all together. So glad that I went, I look forward to the next one.

Mira Torres


Designs by Lulu

It was grand to meet you on Sunday. Thanks again for all of your hard work in putting the ‘INDIE BAZAAR’ event together. I thinkSFFAMA’s support of local artists is genuine and sincere in their promotion of the entrepreneur spirit. I must add everyone on the SFFaMA team were very helpful and very courteous and did their best to accommodate all vendors. I liked the placement of those exquisite hats as guests entered the space and the way in which they were displayed in almost a vertical set up leading into the space.

Jacqie Loia



Owen Geronimo is setting a great example to by creating SFFaMA, the organization it has grown into. SFFaMA is building great avenues for designers and fashion entrepreneurs to meet, collaborate and find resources for their businesses. There is so much energy and a great sense of community associated with this organization. I would like to congratulate and wish all the best for future activities.

Andy Pandharikar


Havsa Burt

SFFAMA serves as a gateway to the San Francisco fashion scene. I have enjoyed the exclusive nature of the events where the models are protected and a professional environment is created. They have on board industry professionals with a broad range of expertise, talent, creativity and provide a great networking platform. I have met quite a few fashion designers, agency represented models, professional photographers through them and have been involved with the SF Fashion Week and several other events. I think they have created a great platform for emerging and established industry professionals.

— Havsa Burt


 J. Crewaholics

“I love ‘The Economics Of Art’ event that SFFAMA hosts every month. It’s a great gathering that really allows San Franciscans to connect with influencers in the areas of fashion, art and marketing. Owen Geronimo really does a great job of bringing great people together for one night each month.” 

— Siv Lam


Mimosas In Bed

The SFFAMA fashion mash-up event went pretty great tonight! It was great seeing all the other bloggers & was really surprised with so much audience interaction! Thanks to everyone who attended! 

Maggie Alhadeff



Thank you SFFAMA! It was a pleasure to present our product atFashion Mash-Up. The feedback and encouragement we have gained from the experience is invaluable. Our team is more inspired than ever, and eager to serve the needs of local fashion merchants and designers in San Francisco… and the world! The Fashion Mash-Up was our initial product presentation (www.omgiluv.it) and we were very happy with the results. SFFAMA is one of the best resources for anyone in the Bay Area interested in networking with remarkable entrepreneurs in fashion and design. The community SFFAMA is creating in San Francisco is second-to-none, a truly diverse and positive group of fashion savvy doers. I’ve learned so much from attending the Fashion Mash-Upfrom the incredible speakers who provide invaluable insight on how to effectively navigate the trials and tribulations facing the go-getters of the Bay Area. I’ve also garnered wonderful friendships and colleagues who continue to inform and inspire. Kudos toSFFAMA! Great Job, Fantastic Event.

Michael Lesniak


Thank you so much for having us at The Beauty Expo! We had a great time! It was wonderful to see all the stylists at work and be around all the beautiful people. This event was not only a good way for us to reach a wider audience and introduce them to Aveda (or re-introduce them as the case may be), but it was also a great networking opportunity. We were not only able to connect industry professionals to educate on them on our new Pro Privilege program, which is a program for beauty professionals to get a discount on our amazing products, but we were also able to connect with photographers, fashion bloggers and other people in the fashion industry that we will network with for future events for our brand. So thanks again Owen Geronimo ! We had a great time and we are looking forward to partnering with you again in the near future!!

Aubrey Ross


Eclectic à la Mode

Every event with SFFaMA is one of community. It’s about connecting the creative minds that are bursting forth from this localised hub of style and technology. I feel honored to be a part of this movement as we bring the spotlight onto San Francisco. Thank you Owen Geronimo and SFFaMA!

Alison Messinger


Founder Blog

Hey Owen Geronimo, Thank you for organizing the “How to Start a Business in Fashion” event- as an organizer myself, I know how difficult it is to put together an interesting and informative event- you were able to accomplish both!  

— Oleg C



SFFaMA takes near-overlooked segments of San Francisco, its fashion and beauty industries, and brings them to the forefront of the community. I appreciate the organization’s work to revitalize our fashion industry; its a socially important and economically lucrative element of the city. In the midst of all the incredible tech/green entities in the city, SFFAMA reminds us that San Franciscans have not forgotten about fashion. 

— Kara Ashe



“So grateful…for my friends who have been so supportive of Intwined…for San Francisco’s fashion community who are always willing to lend a helping hand and will go the extra mile to spread the word. for SFFAMA for having such a great event! Last night was an amazing night for me. I was able to network with several people and received a lot of positive feedback.”

Jenn Lui


Moda Epidemic

Thank you for the Fashion Tweet-Up event! It was great! I will be attending more. I would love to get into fashion industry and i want to learn more.

Justyna Wilson


May and June

’INDIE BAZAAR’ was extremely professionally executed and I especially liked the inclusion of fashion bloggers. I would be extremely interested in other events.
As a vendor I love all the press I can get and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. And the bloggers need something to blog about so its a win-win for all.

Megan Quirolo


Proud Mom

Owen,  I wanted to take this moment to congratulate you on the spectacular job you and your organization are doing for the fashion industry in San Francisco.  We moved to California from the New York City area, where we attended many runway events.  Since my daughter has a passion for the runway and fashion, we quickly searched the web for fashion events on the West Coast.  We liked what we saw on the website, and decided to get involved withSFFAMA.  We have been so impressed with the energy and excitement surrounding every event we’ve attended.  You have the natural ability as a producer to organize, promote, and direct amazing events.  I encourage anyone who loves the fashion industry to get involved with SFFAMA and see first hand how you are putting San Francisco on the fashion map.

Debbie Casperson

Ask Missa

Hey Owen Geronimo! You really rocked the Project San Francisco show last night. Thanks so much for the seats - my friend Letty and I were super grateful. The event was absolutely fabulous. I have to admit that I’ve loved the SFFaMA brand and the events you do.

— Joy Adams


Blanche Consorti

Owen Geronimo. I wanted to thank you putting on such a great event last night. I was very honored to be a part of the fashion show at ‘The Economics of Art’ event. I thought everything went really well and I am confident that this will pave the road for the SFFW journey! I hope you enjoyed my pieces! Thank you again for everything!

— Blanche Consorti



Owen Geronimo, Thank you for having me as a speaker at Fashion Mash-Up, it was great to meet you and to see your efforts in eco related topics, thanks so much!

Steffany Boldrini


Fordie Dinosaur

SFFaMA, I came out of this lecture with an entirely new perspective on the fashion industry and business in general.

— Dino Ynostroza


The Green Stylist

Hi Owen Geronimo, Thank you for having me at Fashion Mash-Up. It was a very fun night and it was lovely meeting you - you’re a wonderful spirit and it’s so great that you’re doing such great things for fashion in SF!! Best wishes.

Jules Lauren Vasic


Heart’s Desire Jewelry

“SFFaMA is the premier fashion collaborative in the SF Bay Area. Their events connect the worlds of designers, trendsetters, entrepreneurs, stylists, photographers, media and merchandisers within the fashion community and make things happen. I am very grateful for all the development opportunities that Owen Geronimoand the SFFAMA have offered me.”

Ann Marie Hodrick


Liz Caruana Photography 

SFFAMA is totally great! There are so many different people with amazing skills to learn from. I recommend going to as many events as possible. You never know who you’re going to meet and where they’ll be one day.

Liz Caruana


Nickie Noel

Thanks so much for asking me to participate in the Bloggers Connect panel.  I was honored to be selected!  As usual SFFAMA put together an exciting event & the turnout was fabulous.  It’s awesome to have the opportunity to network with other fashion industry professionals in a casual atmosphere.  I definitely need to make the effort to attend more SFFAMA events.  It’s always worth the long drive for me!  Thanks for all the work you do, Owen Geronimo, & thanks again for asking me to participate.  You always throw the best parties!

Nickie Frye


Paul Wood

“Fashion leaders in San Francisco should acquaint themselves to SFFAMA.”

 Paul Wood



"I have had the pleasure of being part of SFFAMA for about a month but it seems much longer as I have made some wonderful contacts with some great networking . SFFAMA Fashion Mash-up is an extremely informative session . It enables the new and aspiring talent with the necessary skills and knowledge for the industry. You meet real people with real goals and challenges. This helps open up new areas of growth and convert the same into reality. From hosting fashion shows to running workshops like portfolio nights and Fashion Mash-Up, to coordination between different departments & maintaining great relations, it is done with excellence, competence and commitment. Ultimately, SFFAMA settles for nothing less than near perfection when working in a group environment and I think anyone and everyone on board with the team is on path to success. I wish the team the best for all their future endeavors.” 

Reeti Kochhar

Bacca da Silva

“San Francisco Fashion Mash-Up discussion is an effective way for people to get a deeper, non-biased opinion from people who are living the reality of fashion on a daily basis. Either from a creative or a business point of view, the audience will be amazed by the basic things to which you have to pay attention or do to succeed in the glamorous yet unfair fashion world”

— Bacca da Silva


Doug Birnbaum

SFFAMA provides some of the best events in San Francisco.SFFAMA bring together all of the up and coming artists together from all different mediums. Every event that I have attended feels as if it is the center of a new art and fashion movement in San Francisco.

— Doug Birnbaum



It’s great to team up with someone who totally knows what they’re doing—like Owen Geronimo of the San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance (SFFaMA). Owen was key for booking the models, hair/makeup, and designers and coordinating the runway production for Project San Francisco. Between all the clothing racks, fittings, changing and prep for the show, having a show producer who knew his stuff was key.

Brianna Haag 


Found Jewelry

“As a new designer, SFFAMA has been a lifesaver. Owen Geronimo is beyond helpful with tips and advice as well as affordable shows with lots of advertising. This is a group that really understands how hard it is to be an emerging designer. I highly recommend joining SFFAMA.” 

— Jenna Robert



Instantly Ruby

“Fashion Tweet-Up. I had a really great time and learned a lot of great stuff to help my blog. Where the panel sat. They did a really great job!!!!” 

— Cara Friedman


Mariya Milovidova

"Owen, I just want to say a big big thank you for giving a great advice regarding where I should go in creating my collection and for the great opportunity to participate with SFFAMA’s ‘The Fashion Tour’, it was a wonderful event. I really enjoyed it and so did my friends!” I am looking forward to participating in your great fashion events!

Mariya Milovidova


Live Heart Felt

Owen Geronimo the mind behind SFFAMA organized a successful ‘Indie Bazaar’ event where everyone left with some merchandise, a new contact or at least a smile on their face.

Derek Jones


Moda Epidemic

“San Francisco Fashion and Merchant Alliance put together a great two day ‘San Francisco Fashion Week: The Reinvention’ extravaganza. I had a pleasure to attend and support one of my friends Pamela with Fashionistette. I’d like to congratulate SFFAMAfor choosing a fabulous venue. I have never heard of Vitamin Water Social Club and I have to say it’s a really fun place.”

Justyna Wilson


Rabbit Foot Fern

I was asked to speak on a panel with 3 fabulous ladies about fashion blogging. It as such a terrific event. By the end it was standing room only. The crowd had great questions and feedback for us and overall it was a very inspiring evening. After suffering from a lack of inspiration and an enormous creative block I’m starting to feel passionate about doing stuff again. 

Molly Covert


Rockchiq and Pinkweave

Fashion Mash-Up is a great event where attendees and speakers are provided an opportunity to discuss a great topic related to fashion industry. This particular session of 05/19/2011 was a session where I along with fellow designers, was given an opportunity as a speaker to talk about our journey of progress from a starter to a point where we are today. The questionnaires put up by host Owen Geronimo covered all aspects of the progress log . We also discussed how-to steps in making it all happen and challenges met to achieve those set goals in a given time frame…We also had a great experience in answering questions in discussion about these aspects with the full-house attendees. All in all I think, Fashion Mash-Up is a great platform for open panel discussion about any topic related to fashion industry. .. I thank everyone involved and look forward to attending many such sessions.

Indu Arorar