[ Above photos by Nando Alvarez and The Coveted ]

  • This Week’s Person with Style, People We Love: Jennine Jacob @ The Coveted. Check out other PWS/PWL: Song of Style, Atlantic-Pacific
  • Jennine Jacob got her first job — as a strawberry picker — just to buy clothes. She started her own fashion blog, The Coveted, in 2007. A few months later, she launched Independent Fashion Bloggers, a community where bloggers can share their questions, concerns and tips for successful blogging. She most recently launched eat, sleep, denim, a personal style blog devoted entirely to denim and sponsored by online retailer Shopbop.

[ Jennine Jacob with Laura Ellner @ On The Racks and Erin Hagstrom @ Cali Vintage at Fashion Tweet-Up, Photo by Del Geronimo ] …We are fortunate to work with Ms. Jacob, who last graced our stage as a panel speaker during Fashion Tweet-Up. THANK YOU, JENNINE!!!