Ryzenberg On: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011

These gals sure have legs! I mean, Karlie, Anne V and Miranda (Lucky Orlando Bloom) Kerr were amongst many other uber babes who strutted their stuff at the Victoria’s Secret annual parade of all things leather, lace, naughty and nice (oh yeah, and let’s not forget those WINGS!)

This year was another production for the popular retailer, as the show featured six vignettes that consisted of “Ballet,” “Super Angels,” “Passion,” “Angels Aquatic,” “I Put a Spell on You” and “Club Pink.” They, along with the bevy of beauties, sure didn’t disappoint.

Kanye West, Jay-z, (with Beyonce cheering him on) Adam Levine and Nicki Minaj provided ‘some’ of the entertainment, but really the girls really was everything everyone was looking at. They stole the show and the looks were perfect and they were all smiling, which is so refreshing compared to the usual shows during Fashion Month.

What a fun night! Seriously, it’s not everyday you see gorgeous gal with flawless proportions sporting a $2.5M bra and nearly 20 wearing nothing but their skeevies! I enjoyed every second of it, and can’t wait to see what’s in the cards for next year.

Ryzenberg On, is Signing Off

[ Jesica Ryzenberg with Joseph Altuzarra at Neiman Marcus. Photo by Gustavo Fernandez for Drew Altizer Photography ]

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