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FASHION BLOGGERS CONNECT. Where fashion bloggers are given various platforms to promote themselves, share new tech and innovative fashion ideas in continuing to revolutionize San Francisco’s fashion industry with the guidance of San Francisco Fashion And Merchants Alliance. 

Fitiquette is an online fashion boutique powered by a virtual fitting room. The company was founded by fashion enthusiasts to address online purchase hesitation due to unknown fit. Supported by patented technology, shoppers create a body replica to try-on clothing in different sizes. Coveted boutique fashion brands are handpicked for the fashion-forward female. Fitiquette brings the in-store dressing room experience to your own virtual fitting room, without the pesky sales folk and static cling. Now that’s good fit etiquette. FITIQUETTE: fit. your. style. 

iLuv.It (for short) connects people with the products they find most enticing. The products they love… or Luv if you will. When you’re walking around shopping, you can use the app to share a photo of a product you Luv, or use it to discover trending products around you. You contribute to trends by Luving, or voting for, products you Luv the most. Who IS OMGiLuv.It? iLuv.It was founded in 2011 by three life-long friends who grew up together in a mind-blowing little town where organic foods rule, yoga is a staple of daily life, and arts flourish. You can read more about our story on our blog here.

RAF9 let’s you share your favorite fashion trends online while earning point at the same time. The points translate into discounts you can use in the stores. Earned discount points will be tracked with a bar on the store’s page and will also advise you on how to earn more. The more you share, the more discounts you earn. Become a ‘Brand Ambassador’ if you are the most active app user and get a chance of being profiled on the brand’s website. Become a VIP with pre-launch parties, meet the designers and preview products before they are released to the public. 

talkTECH Communications is a group of smart, savvy, business-minded individuals who have taken the downfall of big business and the lessons of “Recession 2.0″ to heart and created a company to serve the start-up community and business middle-class: a class that invariably constitutes the backbone of our economy, and whose innovations will lead us into the mobile future. 

We also understand the four basic laws of supply and demand and how those pesky, little laws impact your business. We know that you don’t exist in a vacuum, and it’s not enough to simply get you a “hit” on the evening news. Our goal is to use the discipline of communications as it applies to your business, while leveraging innovative technologies to develop a creative strategy for distributing your news and information; and then giving you data and statistics that will tell you exactly how our efforts translate into real-time, relevant, meaningful tools for growing your brand. 

Our tested and proven process will not only get you seen, but will get people talking, sharing, and connecting with you so that you can utilize communications as a tool – not an end unto itself.

Stitch Labs was officially launched in January 2011. Based in San Francisco, the company’s motto is, “We grow our business by helping you grow your business”. Sounds pretty good, right? Stitch Labs aims to be the thread that holds the many different aspects of a business together. It is the hope of Brandon, Michelle and Jake, that, with users’ feedback, the site will continually evolve into an even more powerful and intuitive tool to integrate businesses’ tasks into a single, united process. Stitch Labs was designed to be a web based solution to factors limiting the growth of businesses that design, make, and sell products. There are no upcoming versions, no new releases, no waiting for improvements. We are committed to continuously ensuring that our customers are working with the latest model, the most advanced tools to help them achieve their goals in as effective a way as possible. We are constantly adding new functions, expanding our capabilities, and are committed to letting our customers’ needs guide us in the right direction.