[ Photos by DS Lite ]

The Beauty Expo 2012 was a celebration of diversity and innovation, an intimate affair hosted by Charleston Pierce and Owen Geronimo. Guests enjoyed beauty products from WellaEvolvhRodan+Fields and Seacret. Champagne bottles popped and wine poured while guests engaged with the Stylet.ag fashion app, shopped WorkPlayDate, Bachman’s Sparrow & Chloe+Isabel while models, bloggers, and contestants were provided Samsung Galaxy Tablets and iPads with AT&T’s 4G Lite service to tweet during the competition and share images online. Industry guests included Sean Peng of Inspirare, Boris Oak of Evolveh, Tiffany Chenoweth of Miss Omni Media & Artiffact, Julie Anne Herrin of StyleBistro and Zimbio Inc., Eric Swoyer of Fizz Marketing, Beth Hamilton of Beauty Junkie in SF, Lexie Tiongson of The Elle Tee, Cassidy Blackwell of Natural Selection, Jeccica Robbins of Pigment Cosmetics, Jennifer Giles of SnobSwapZoe Hong of The Factory, John Lindauer of AquentBrian Miller, Nikol ElaineJennifer Ly, Liana Burtsava of Trendy Lime, Kurt Musrasrik of Infinity Salon, Tam Starita of Image Minded SF, Mel Ball of AskASalon, Lona Duncan of LuxResale, Alison Messinger of Eclectic-A-La Mode, and Jana Hanavan of Blue Butterfly. The styling showcase was judged by Joyce Hu of The Bookr, Dario Smith of Bellwether Project and Gwendolyn Wright of Wright Consultants. The winning team of Avital Elgaziel and Jerushalem Weaver from Avital Beauty Lounge claimed top honors for most creative hair and makeup. Intern Sushi provided hourly giveaways and everyone took home stylish swag products provided by Wella Professional.