[ Photos by Shaun Tiangsing
  •  Stylematic is the brainchild of eight fashion forward innovators from Start Up Weekend San Francisco.  Have you ever stared at your closet and felt like you had nothing to wear? Do you hate shopping because you don’t know what to buy? What if you had a virtual stylist who kept track of your closet, delivered recommendations and deals, and helped you review your choices with friends. This is the idea behind Stylematic, an app that helps you shop smarter. Scan the bar code of an item and Stylematic compares the item to existing pieces in your virtual wardrobe. Knowing your style and color preferences, Stylematic delivers recommendations and deals for other items, as well as comparable deals from nearby stores. Stylematic makes outfit selection is easy and social. Integrate with your online profile and browse friends’ closets, consult style mavens, and receive feedback on her purchases.

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