[ Photos By: SHAUN TIANGSING & THANK YOU to all the wonderful models :), The Museum of Craft and Design, Brianna Beall & our sponsors: SFIEC (Makeup & Hair)Livermore Valley Wine CountryRsrve.meDry Soda, Creative Director: Owen Geronimo ]        

  • ALYSSA NICOLE / Women’s Collection. Alyssa Nicole by Alyssa Casares is a collection inspired by women from all walks of life and embodies a uniqueness that has the ability to span generations. Alyssa Nicole started as a custom garment line with every creation being handcrafted and tailored individually to each and every order. Staying true to that attention to details is the cornerstone of the Alyssa Nicole brand. The ladies who wear Alyssa Nicole can be deemed “Modern-Day Gibson Girls” - they personify feminine style and grace, while making these looks their own. From flirty to chic, professional to play, Alyssa Nicole’s enchanting aesthetic paired with flattering silhouettes are creations not to be missed. 

  • SHAUN TIANGSING is a very disciplined up-and-coming photographer that works with SFFAMA at many events like San Francisco Fashion Week. He was nominated for Best Photographer at San Francisco Fashion Awards 2011. His work has been published in SF Chronicles’s Style section. A self-proclaimed introvert with a bad memory, Shaun uses photography as a tool to document or remember things. His poignant relationship with the camera makes him an outstanding photographer with the appreciation of the craft as an art form.

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