SAN FRANCISCO (Nov 23rd, 2011)
Sonas Denim is a new brand of eco-friendly, fashion forward jeans from San Francisco that are taking the city by storm.  Today, we launched our new signature line of patched jeans for men and women; they’re sexy, free spirited and so stylish they will wow even the most dedicated fashionistas.  Sonas jeans are the only eco-friendly jeans on the market with a portion of our line made from reclaimed denim and all products are made in California.  As dedicated animal lovers and having been involved in the animal rights community for the past 11 years, we vow never to use any animal products in our line and we will donate 10% of our net profits to animal rights groups such as Animal Rescue Media and Education.  See,

I was born in Ireland and was inspired to design these patched jeans after many years of travelling and attending festivals all over the world.  “The Burning Man” festival is my noted favorite and Blackrock Desert provided the occasion to be creative in designing my own pants!   I had countless people asking me where I got my jeans and where they could find them.  Also, my girlfriend kept encouraging me to wear them out in the City and not just for festivals.  After a few years of interest and enthusiasm over my patched denim, I decided to bring them to the world.  In response to the demand for something edgy and new, we created a variety of cuts and styles tailored to diverse tastes.  Our customers are typically young at heart, free spirited, fashion forward, confident, compassionate, conscious, and independent.

We are hoping to begin a revolution in the fashion industry.  We plan to motivate the fashion world with our confident, unique designs that express a lifestyle choice to be kind to animals and not to waste. When we say “Spread the Sonas,” we actually want to send a message to the public to pass on goodness and happiness to other living beings.  Sonas (Gaelic) Happiness, Felicity, Good Fortune, Bliss. We wanted to provide a thoughtful and socially responsible brand that could lead the industry by example following values that are true to our heart.  Our signature patchwork jeans are just the beginning.  We already have designed cruelty free sweaters, t-shirts and belts and accessories waiting down the pipeline for production.  All these ideas are constructed without taking the skin or fur off of anybody.

Our jeans are distinctive with their signature patchwork composition.  A small label in the back doesn’t differentiate our jeans from the rest.  It’s the lifestyle and substance of our entire brand that makes Sonas different.

We currently offer a diversity of design cuts for men and women including; skinny, straight, boot and flare. You can buy our jeans online at and at seven San Francisco stores including: ABS Fits, Rolo on Market, Rolo SOMA, RAG, Zeni Wear, Wonderland and P-Kok Planet.

About Sonas: Sonas Denim was founded by Gerry Kelly an Irish born festival enthusiast. Visit for more information.  You can follow us on Facebook at Sonas Denim of San Francisco and on Twitter @SonasDenim. 
Press Contact: Gerry Kelly, 415-691-9865,