SFFW 2011 Teaser Vid from SFFAMA on Vimeo.

[ Video & Photography Concept By: DEL GERONIMO. Models: Caitlyn R., Chad & Brandon, Design: Chan.nel Karama LTD, Jewelry: MsBellezza ]

SAN FRANCISCO (June 21, 2011) - San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliances, Inc. (SFFAMA) and Wix.com are pleased to announce San Francisco Fashion Week 2011 August 8-14, 2011. San Francisco Fashion Week ™ 2011 will highlight the convergence of fashion and technology unique to the San Francisco fashion industry while showcasing emerging designers and student collections. Events include week-long technology and fashion workshops to be held at various locations, including the Apple Store in downtown San Francisco, Pigment Cosmetics and weekend runway shows August 12-14, 2011 to be held at Wix.com outdoor tent in the Mission.

In utilizing social media and fashion-focused event production, San Francisco Fashion And Merchants Alliance, Inc. is the leading organization acting as a catalyst for fashion and technology locally. With the burgeoning indie fashion scene, SFFAMA is leading the San Francisco fashion industry toward reinventing itself as the next fashion capital and signifies this year’s theme of “A New Beginning.” San Francisco Fashion Week ™ 2011 is produced by SFFAMA Inc., a California non-profit corporation focused on business and technology education for fashion and creative industries.

To find more about San Francisco Fashion Week ™ 2011: advance purchase tickets, week-long schedule, list of sponsors and designer line-up for runway shows are available online by visiting www.sanfranciscofashionweek.net

/ For more information about media relations or sponsorship opportunities, please contact: SFFAMA-at- contact@sffamainc.org.