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[ Photos By: SHAUN TIANGSING, 2011 All Rights Reserved ]

Fashion Bloggers @ The Beauty Expo 2011 from SFFAMA on Vimeo.


/ “The Beauty Expo was a fantastic evening of bloggers, models, designers and beauty. It was a great opportunity to connect with old friends and meet new people in the industry. The event was well organized, everything ran on time. I received a lot of useful insight from the Fashion Bloggers Connect panelists. And, as always I look forward to attending the next SFFAMA event!”

/ Thanks so much for asking me to participate in the Bloggers Connect panel.  I was honored to be selected!  As usual SFFAMA put together an exciting event & the turnout was fabulous.  It’s awesome to have the opportunity to network with other fashion industry professionals in a casual atmosphere.  I definitely need to make the effort to attend more SFFAMA events.  It’s always worth the long drive for me!  Thanks for all the work you do, Owen Geronimo, & thanks again for asking me to participate.  You always throw the best parties!

/ Every event with SFFAMA is one of community. It’s about connecting the creative minds that are bursting forth from this localised hub of style and technology. I feel honored to be a part of this movement as we bring the spotlight onto San Francisco. Thank you Owen Geronimo and SFFAMA!

/ I was asked to speak on a panel with 3 fabulous ladies about fashion blogging. It as such a terrific event. By the end it was standing room only. The crowd had great questions and feedback for us and overall it was a very inspiring evening. After suffering from a lack of inspiration and an enormous creative block I’m starting to feel passionate about doing stuff again.

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