[ Charleston Pierce with model, Stephanie Williams ]

[ Charleston Pierce with model, Nicholas Antunes ]

The electric presentation of CHARLESTON PIERCE during the model boot camp at The Beauty Expo 2011 was undeniable. He wowed the crowd. It was a very full house. THANK YOU MR. PIERCE !

[ Above Photos By: SHAUN TIANGSING, 2011 All Rights Reserved ]

Charleston Pierce @ The Beauty Expo 2011 from SFFAMA on Vimeo.

Charleston Pierce has built a reputation in San Francisco and the Bay Area as one of the top fashion show producers by producing casual, high-end and all levels in between of fashion shows and fundraisers throughout the Bay Area.

In 2005, Charleston was appointed model coach and runway trainer by Macy’s Passport. He also took on the honored role of training the member/models in the Junior League of San Francisco’s annual fashion show fundraiser from 2008-2010. He was further honored by being nominated as a 2008 Man of the Year Candidate for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Now, in 2010 he as been awarded Best Fashion Show Producer and Best Creative Director by the Bay Area Fashion Awards.