PEN CALL for 25 ‘real’ female models for the Give Back Gala taking place on April 2, 2011.

    image of Give Back Gala Model Call Jan 24 2011

    The model call will be held on January 24th, at 7:00PM at FIDM in San Francisco. If you’re interested (no previous experience necessary), please email nicole@stylebust.comCONTINUE READING... 

    • Experienced Hair Stylist at Edo Salon. 

    We are a creative, dynamic, award-winning space in the Lower Haight searching for a new stylist. Great location, Best in Bay award-winning reputation, Bumble exclusive, lots of walk by traffic, diverse clientele, an ongoing education program, and friendly stylists and management. We cater to a long list of local celebrities and beauties and pride ourselves on having loyal customers and great service. We pride ourselves on being a loving place that allows people to flourish and grow both professionally and personally. We are looking for an easygoing, talented and EXPERIENCED hairstylist with a great eye for detail who is looking to work on a commission basis. You must do both Color and Cuts. We would prefer for you to bring your clientele but it is not essential if you are creative, professional and warm enough to build your own here. CONTINUE READING…

    • The Urban Darling Closet Audit Challenge.

    How many times have you stood in your closet, frustrated, angry, possibly wishing you had a blow torch to let it all go up in flames? We’ve been there and we have the solution.

    We invite YOU the fashion challenged, the style lost, the wardrobe despondent – YOU the tired and disheveled: we want a video of you in your closet. You will receive real answers, for real people, from the wardrobe stylists at Urban Darling. CONTINUE READING… For more OPEN CALLS, visit HERE