Lovesick 4. If the third time’s the charm, then LoveSick 4 means all hope is lost. The shopping malls and street corners are filled with the heady aroma of flowers and chocolate, but to those of us that are sick of love, it smells like ashes. Don’t give in to despair just yet. If you’re burnt out on romance, come reignite for just one night.

Wash away the taste of regret with booze from the cash bar, drown out the sound of your self-pity with music from DJ Martin Collins and a live set from the Goldenhearts. There will also be a small trunk show. The light that burns burns twice as bright lasts half as long, so come to LoveSick 4 for one night of glorious conflagration.

Featuring designs from Alexandria von Bromssen, Tamo Designs, Silver Lucy, My Dirty Dishes, Miss Velvet Cream, RAG-DOLL Designs by Larissa Verdussen, Ms G Designs, Fluidance , Pace Clothing & Jasmin Zorlu Millinery. Doors open 7 pm. Festivities commence at 8 pm. The runway is at 9.15 p.m.