CRYSTAL HERMANN w/ Caitlyn M. (Photo by: Kevin Man Osmond

CRYSTAL HERMANN, graduated from both USF and CCA in 2004 with a BFA in Fashion Design.  In 2005-07 she was working as a Artist in residence at School of the Arts High School in San Francisco.  There she taught Figure Drawing for Costume Design and Costume Construction, Alteration and Repair.  Since 2006 she has been working for the Marina Middle School After-school program where she developed a fashion Design program.  Currently she teaches Art and Sewing at both Diane Fienstien Elementary School and San Francisco Friends School.  She also works for Turning Heads a Mission based non-profit that focuses on teaching at risk teen girls sewing skills.  In the summer she runs an art camp at San Francisco Friends School focusing on Recycled Sculpture and Book Arts. 

Besides her passion for art and sewing education, Crystal also spends time working on her own designs and artwork.  She has been featured in various shows in San Francisco throughout the years including Discarded to Divine, A Bewitching Stitch, and Camp Crush .  She also has painted two murals in Clairon Alley and is involved in the planning of the Annual Clairon Alley Block Party.

KRYSZTINA LAZAR w/ Caitlyn R. (Photo by: Christophe Tomatis)

KRISZTINA LAZAR is an artist and designer of many facets.  She utilizes her rich Hungarian cultural background, her knowledge of art and fashion history, esoteric and philosophical paths, and experiences amongst global cultural traditions to create a variety of wearable art ensembles that are individually created. Each piece is unique, inspired by the raw materials of the garment where versatility, comfort and play are a large part of the designs themselves encouraging the wearer to create their own individual styles.  Her clothing design is inextricably linked with her art practice and there is much interplay between her paintings, performances, videos, installations and the garments that are created for or inspired by these many medias.  Originally from Cleveland, OH, she uses her experiences from growing up, travel and daily life to fuel her continuing creative inquiry in everything she does.

  • SALLY MARIE HAHN w/ Stephanie (Photo by: Andy Fay)

SALLY MARIE HAHN started experimenting with textiles as a young teen by trying to make the most out of one garment. Attempting to wear jackets as pants, suspenders, scarves, dresses etc., was just the start. “Not much has changed,” she willingly admits. Except now she’s formally educated in design and has developed industry experience. Although her aesthetic continues to evolve there is always a sense of wit to her boho-grunge looks. On her path of exploring new art forms, Sally recently started designing and handcrafting hats. This fun hobby has sprouted into a small business called “hats & tales” that you can find on etsy at



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  • WHAT: FASHION FEUD 2011 Final Competition
  • WHEN: April 12, 2011 from 7-10 PM
  • WHERE: Rickshaw Stop, 155 Fell Street, San Francisco 94102

FASHION FEUD is a live “Project Runway” like fashion design competition live on stage. Designers are given an hour to create a design to prepare for a runway show on stage. Then, a walk-off between fashion models donning each designers’ pieces to highlight the night with the audience’s cheers supporting their favorite designer of the evening. This event is sponsored by “SCION” in collaboration with San Francisco Fashion And Merchants Alliance. Featuring San Francisco’s up and coming local designers.  

*** PHOTOGRAPHERS & Videographers must apply for media passes to take photographs or record videos at this event.***