[ Guest Host: Stephanie Williams, Video By: LoTech Studios ]

[ Photos By: SHAUN TIANGSING. Creative Director & PR/ Marketing: OWEN GERONIMO ]

  • The Beauty Expo 2011 marked the second year of the beauty and fashion event. The evening program started with Fashion Bloggers Connect featuring local fashion bloggers Nicole Lindgren of Style Bust, Nicki Frye of Nickie Noel, Molly Covert of Rabbit Foot Fern and Alison Messinger of Eclectic à la Mode who led a lively panel discussion on the importance of social media and fashion blogging as a media tool. CHARLESTON PIERCE conducted a pop-up model boot camp that provided tips on successful runway modeling. Next, six teams competed in the styling competition for the most creative make-up and hairstyles, with students Kelly Eng and Sophia Marie representing Pigment Cosmetics taking home the top honors. Judges included Greg Griffin of Barber Lounge, Brad Carrick of Solz ShoesMario Benton and Amy Soderlind of Refuses To Label. Fashion installations were provided by Pink Weave, RockChiq andSincerely Varunee featuring jewelry by Kate Knuvelder.

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