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ODO : Self-Cleaning Denim


ODO Denim : Self-Clean Denim Jeans For Men & Women . World’s first denim woven with Silver. It repels stains and kills odor permanently for months, without a single wash. Save Water Fashionably!



iHaightPants was born out of the founder’s disdain for anything that constraints her lower half. Colorful & chic caftans/dresses that allow the freedom of movement. Their Caftans/Dresses are made from feel-good fabrics that travel well and look equally great on a barefoot beach walk, perfect for summer lounging or jazzed up with fun jewellery for dinner with friends!

Cone Denim

Cone Denim has been a leading supplier of denim fabrics to top denim apparel brands since 1891. Formed out of the entrepreneurial spirit of brothers Moses and Ceasar Cone and grounded in American heritage, Cone Denim has been synonymous with authenticity and innovation. Today, the same entrepreneurial spirit, expertise and advanced capability continues to service and inspire the global market. Their global platforms include denim operations in the United States, Mexico and China. Cone Denim is focused on effectively serving the worldwide market with quality products and superior service.