Shanghai, 9 November 2011

Unitedstyles - Design, share and buy your own fashion

Unitedstyles is a startup company aiming to revolutionize the fashion industry by introducing on-demand, consumer-generated fashion. It’s easy-to-use online tool enables you to design your very own clothes, instantly preview and share your designs in lifelike 3D images, and then buy them. Your totally unique creations are produced on a piece-by-piece basis – with the greenest technology available – and delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

The modular and expandable unitedstyles app uses breakthrough cross-platform technology to allow consumers to easily create their own one-of-a-kind fashion online. Users can select and combine styles, shapes, trim and colors as well as apply fully customizable prints, all in real-time. The resulting design can be previewed using state-of-the-art 3D online rendering software. This shows how the designed apparel will look and provides a great way to share it with friends and followers. Subsequently the user can have their self-designed fashion made especially for them by unitedstyles, making use of the latest digital fabric printing technologies.

“Itʼs actually long overdue that you can express your personal style by designing and buying your very own, totally unique fashion online,” says Dutch CEO, Xander Slager.

 Fashion from push to pull – an industry upset Unitedstyles wants to radically change the fashion industryʼs business model from push to pull. It reverses the traditional way of doing business whereby companies design long in advance (guessing what their target consumers may like next year), then produce in mass, display in stores and, finally, wait for customers to buy.

Contrarily, unitedstyles utilizes the speed, global reach and virality of the Internet combined with cutting-edge virtualization techniques to democratize fashion by putting the designing power directly into the hands of the individual. Equally important, the normally huge stock risk for producers is eliminated by using on-demand production. Products are only made after a customer has ordered and already paid for them. While the current focus of unitedstyles is on women’s fashion, expansion into children’s clothing, sportswear and more is already being planned.

Who is behind unitedstyles?

Unitedstyles was founded in Shanghai by 4 European entrepreneurs who have been living in China for many years. Their unique combination of backgrounds allowed them to develop the breakthrough idea of online consumer-generated fashion.  Xander Slager is a fashion industry veteran of 18 years. He founded and manages Spoom Coats, a womenʼs outerwear brand sold in 15+ countries, with design and production facilities in China.

Marc van der Chijs is a serial Internet entrepreneur best known for co-founding leading Chinese online video site, (Nasdaq: TUDO).  Joop Dorresteijn has a strong technical and programming background and worked at online game company Spil Games before co-founding unitedstyles.  Dirk Lorré is a renowned marketing consultant working for several Fortune 500 companies, with a focus on consumer marketing and psychology.

About unitedstyles (in 40 words) Unitedstyles is a Shanghai based startup company aiming to revolutionize the fashion industry. It has developed a breakthrough online app that enables on-demand, consumer-generated fashion. You can now easily design, preview, share and buy your very own, unique clothing.

unitedstyles, 1225 Tongpu Road, Building 8, 3F, 200333, Shanghai, China. Contact: Marc van der Chijs,/ /phone: +86 1381 781 0517