The Rear Pocket“ Skirt is not just sexy and everyday chic but it’s also inspirational. There is an empowering story behind this skirt that starts with a tiny booklet of affirmations in "the rear pocket”.

Jul. 13, 2012 - San Rafael, CA, September 7th, 2012 – A busy mom of a two and a five year old with an exotic name, Yulia Bernardini, is now a designer and founder of “The Rear Pocket”. Her product, which took her a year to create is an every day not too casual/not too dressy pencil skirt. The RP skirt was created for a couple of reasons - one was that Yulia was tired of the regular line up of cargo pants and jeans (and distinct lack of skirts), and the other was that she wanted to find a way to encourage and empower women. She has done both!
Mrs. Bernardini always loved pencil style skirts for their classy silhouettes and the right amount of sex appeal they provided She felt a contemporary customer had a limited choice when it came to finding a pencil skirt other than a dressy high waist or a utilitarian cargo. The RP skirt is both and it could be dressed up or down. 

Growing up in Russia where women had no identity, Yulia felt the urge to pass on to her daughter that there is nothing more valuable in life than a feeling of self-worth. She made a list of affirmations for herself and other women, who young girls look up to. She placed those affirmations in the rear pocket of the skirt and the “pocket pal” came alive! Yulia says: “This is not another lifeless, mass-produced garment you see in a department store. This skirt comes with a story and a spirit to motivate women to get out of their shells"

On her company’s website Yulia elaborated on “Why a skirt?” subject. She wrote: “I was pampering up for a get together with my girls. Dressing under the influence of a habit, I grabbed a pair of cargo pants I’d been wearing around the clock. Jeans, trousers, capris, overalls, and no single skirt in my whole wardrobe that could give me the spunk and the comfort I was used to. Mrs. Bernardini decided to design a skirt like that herself. This high quality, durable skirt is manufactured in USA and is sold directly to a customer at an affordable price. 

The designer chose camouflage, a staple of Street Style, for her first collection of skirts. When asked why, she stated that she didn’t know any other print that was simple and daring at the same time. What Yulia tried to accomplish was to infuse primarily masculine camo with grace and femininity. There are currently five colors to choose from and three more are to be introduced. 

Yulia wasn’t thinking “outside the box”, on the contrary, she decided to create one on her website! “Had A Bad Day? Spell it all out in the Black Box and feel relieved!” There is a 3 dimensional trash can that you see when you log into the site. It’s a place to throw all the frustrations out and even get entertained.

“Mind Your Own SKIrT is our tagline that is clearly derived from "mind your own business”. We stand for a gossip & abuse free society amongst all. We say don’t judge.“ 

For media inquires contact: Yulia Bernardini