Attractive and high quality apparel and accessories mean everything in fashion. Cuts, colors (shades & tones), prints and woven materials (fabric) are seen within every piece of clothing or accessory. Details are important and show the complexity made to produce that piece of art.

With the upcoming celebration of the holidays and turn onto the New Year, it’s important to see what kinds of things are “finer” in our wardrobe. As we shop daily, weekly or even monthly, we tend to forget what kinds of things last long or don’t.

Classics are made to be forever and have those specific cuts, colors and materials that make us want to buy them and have them in our wardrobe for as long as we can keep them.

Here are a couple of things that are seen to be “The Finer Things in Fashion” because of how classic they can be. Every piece can be a “classic” in anyone’s opinion; the details are just all that matters to make them a “finer” piece.

Pashmina Art Cashmere Gray Scarf

Fine in texture but strong, light and soft at the same time.

Chanel 2.55 Double Flap Bag
Quality fine lambskin leather with details of quilted stitching

Giuseppe Zanotti Neon Colorblock Platform D’Orsay

High gloss patent leather for colorful heels

Cartier Tank Solo Watch
A stainless steel case and bezel with precision quartz movement

Whether it’s a basic blazer or trendy heel, details mean a lot. Anyone and everyone can appreciate the finer things in fashion.

  • Lexie Tiongson interns for Stipple as a Fashion & Style Specialist researching celebrity fashion trends. She has also had editorial internships at Shojo Beat Magazine, NOVO Magazine and The Sacramento Press. She currently writes for several magazines including Astonish Magazine, We The Urban Magazine and, and is a new contributing writer for SFFAMA. Lexie majored in journalism and fashion at San Francisco State University and currently attends Academy of Art University studying fashion journalism and visual merchandising.