Like any true avant-garde, British fashion designer Hussein Chalayan shook things up for his Spring/Summer 2012 presentation this September in Paris. In collaboration with The Creators Project, Chalayan sent his models down the runway with champagne flutes rigged to tiny cameras. Chalayan believes fashions shows should reveal a new image of the body and the designer uses technology to create new ways to do so. 

The Creators Project is a global celebration of art and technology. Founded by a revolutionary partnership between Intel and VICE, The Creators Project supports visionary artists across multiple disciplines who are using technology in innovative ways to push the boundaries of creative expression.

At a time in the history of the arts where digital technology has revolutionized distribution, democratized access, and re-imagined the scope and scale with which an artist can create a vision and reach an audience, The Creators Project is a new kind of arts and culture channel for a new kind of world.