On his arrival to SF’s city scene, Allure magazine named Griffin, “One of the top stylists in San Francisco!” He received his training from the Aveda Institute and began his career in top salons in Minneapolis and Los Angeles while also freelancing for movies, commercials and music videos. After years of working the salon grind, he embarked on his own and continued to build his reputation from his loft in SOMA. It was during his solo work that his female clients inspired the concept for the barber lounge. A hip, unpretentious place to bring their guys for some much needed maintenance while receiving their own upscale treatment, in an inviting unconventional scene for all to enjoy. This is definitely not your father’s barbershop or your mother’s beauty parlor!

Mario B’s Productions provides a safe place in the community for talented inner-city youth ages 5-25, who are interested in modeling, dance & theater. The program takes a “New Breed” approach to the fashion industry by introducing a unique performance style called “Theatrical Modeling”, combining dance, fashion and theater, to create a contemporary approach to modeling. The curriculum uses music, cultural influences and originality as its base and expands into an array of Lights, Camera, and fashionable entertainment.

Amy Soderlind is a freelance Wardrobe Stylist. Some of her works can be seen in CHEW Magazine, Papercut, Fiasco and more. Working on her MFA at the Academy of Art, she found a way to simultaneously travel to different countries, finding a passion in working with artisans at their gifted craft. With hopes of a future business where she is able to deliver the goods “of the moment” directly to an American market that will respond and in turn, will significantly change the lives and communities she has fallen in love with. She is currently working on a line of accessories and hand batik head scarves for  Summer/Fall. She also runs her blog at www.refusestolabel.com

Brad Carrick is the owner and founder of SOLZ Shoes. SOLZ Shoes combines a lifestyle shoe company with an extendable microbranding platform.  It has designed and patented a unique, lightweight casual shoe that folds up in a small “capsule” that can be clipped on to bags or clothing. It has also launched “The Walk Street Movement” and “The Sneak In Artist” as additional lifestyle brands. SOLZ is the name of the company and also the flagship brand. SOLZ shoes is marketed as the “Ultimate Beach Shoes” and a platform for self-branding, sponsorship opportunities enabling working with clients to license or franchise any of their brands.