Photograph by: Josh Mehler

Photograph by: Doug Birnbaum

Photograph by: Nik Chigirev

Photograph by: Del Geronimo

Thank You To All “FASHION FEUD” Judges. Amy Le Blanc - Intellectual Properties (01/26/2010), Bacca Da Silva - Bacca Da Silva Atelier (01/27/2010),  Cynthia Anderson - Style Wylde (10/27/2010) , Lorraine Sanders - 7x7 Glam Watch and SF Indie Fashion (11/17/2009), Olivia Ongpin - Fabric8 (01/27/2010). About “FASHION FEUD”, SCION presents Fashion Feud is a live “Project Runway” like competition on stage. Designers are given an hour to create a design to prepare for a runway on stage. Models will have a walk-of on stage with their newly designed outfits. The audience will choose who the best designer of the evening by their resounding applause. Fabrics will be provided from"Mood Fabrics New York". This FREE event is sponsored by “SCION”. Thanks to models: Ashton, Jenn, Kara, Mari, Sarah, Shai, Shelby @ SF Fashion Co-Op, and SFEIC. Check out “FASHION FEUD” @