Sonas Denim was founded by Gerry, an Irish born festival enthusiast living in San Francisco since 2000. Gerry was born in Dublin, Ireland.  After traveling to many different festivals and celebrations around the globe, he picked up the handy skill of fashioning his own handmade clothing for these festivities. The clothing ranged broadly, but his patched denim jeans became his signature piece and everybodys favorite!  He custom made over 20 different versions of the patched jeans for his friends before the demand was so large that he needed to take them to the streets. This was the beginning of his unique free-spirited denim company.

When Sonas becomes a success, it will have more of an impact on helping animals and will be a great example to other business to not waste and to be more socially responsible.  We want you to support our ideology on business.  Gerry has always viewed the jeans as a source of happiness: Sonas. Its good times. Liberation! Confidence and individuality. Community and celebration. Its the feeling of exuberance, like the ecstatic high of being with all your best friends at once. We at Sonas thought we would share some of this spirit that has kept us living. We want to be that example that just because you are a company, doesn’t mean you have to forget to give. Help us succeed, so that we can help others succeed too.

All money received is going strait to production.  We are paying the sewers, washers, cutters, the people who store our denim, the fit models, the pattern adjusters…and on and on.  The more money we receive, the more jeans that we can put into production and have in stores for people to learn about and be inspired by.  We wanted to be able to earn capital without handing over more ownership interest in our brand.  It’s important for us to stay to true to our values which is why we want to hold onto as much of the company as we can.

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