San Francisco, July 24, 2013.  

San Francisco-based fashion startup SOLZ has just reached their funding goal on their third online crowd-funding campaign.  Having already used crowd-funding to bring their innovative fold-up sneakers and solar powered bags to market, SOLZ now is using the online site indiegogo to produce a line of colorful and conversation-worthy LED watches.  The campaign can be viewed at:

SOLZ’ new watches SHINE brightly and are a cool, different product available now at an amazing price.  Because they are donating 10% of the profits to charity 10x10, they are also helping educate girls worldwide.  SOLZwatch grabs attention and raises awareness.  Time to shine!

SOLZ founder Brad Carrick explained, “Its not just about fashion - or even our products.  Its about using innovative technologies to make business possible and make the world a better place.  A SOLZwatch doesn’t just look good, it shows that the wearer puts thought behind their purchases and doesn’t follow the herd.”

The campaign is live now at: can be reached to provide additional information, comments, graphics or samples at or call 415-986-7131.

  • Campaign is live only until Aug. 9.
  • Both earlier campaigns exceeded 200% of their goals and this one looks poised to repeat.  See previous indiegogo campaigns here.
  • By exceeding the base goal, SOLZ will be able to produce the watches in a variety of colors and launch the brand on a larger scale.
  • Watches are available 50-60% below retail.
  • The campaign offers a variety of perks for both individuals and businesses.
  • SOLZ is an example of a true grass-roots fashion tech startup with no outside investment funded by everyday people.  
  • Dedicated to social responsibility, 10% of SOLZwatch profits go to educating girls.

About SOLZ and Founder Brad Carrick

Winner of 2012 “Designer of the Year” in the San Francisco Fashion Awards, SOLZ is dedicated to creating functional shoes and accessories for active lifestyles.  Famous for their innovative foldable shoes, solar-powered backpacks and mirror watches, SOLZ is currently launching a crowd funding campaign for their newest watch called “SHINE.”  SOLZ is a completely grass-roots crowd-funded company.  This is their 3rd indiegogo campaign, their first two both raised over 200% of their funding goals.  SOLZ has been dedicated from the start to socially conscious and responsible business.

Brad graduated from Colgate University with B.A. in International Relations, Economics and Asian Studies. He also holds a JD from Harvard Law School and an MBA from IE Business School in Spain.  Having lived on four different continents, his inability to sit still made SOLZ a necessity - and now a reality.  Visit: