Katie Campbell explains her picnic-inspired concept:

If you have ever gone to San Francisco’s Dolores Park, you know it can be a bit of a doozy.

Every time, my friends and I go to the park for a day of fun in the sun, we seem to misplace some of our belongings (i.e. my mermaid bottle opener). (Alcohol consumption may be part of the issue.) Either way, the park seems to gain a personal treasure with each visit… but I think I have a solution!

The Boozy Tuesday Tunic is designed for no hassle fun, as this garment can be worn as a dress or a tunic. The garment has a lined hood, roll-up sleeves with buttons, two chest patch pockets, a hidden drawstring waist, and a lined kangaroo pocket. The tunic has a curved hem and the back hem is slightly longer than the front….READ MORE/ VOTE HERE!