Written by Lexie Tiongson [ Images by: Sam Jang ]

Creative minds, modeling talent and invoking fashion designs were energized at San Francisco Design Week’s fashion show Saturday night. The show was colorful, confident and appealing for any fan of San Francisco fashion.

Hosted by SFFAMA and Astro Studios, the runway navigated beautiful talented models and designs from Jennifer Schmidt, Rogue, JYJZ, Scott Ian Mcfarland and Audrey Szeto. The highly innovative show was secured with perfect ensembles meant to produce a fanciful image for luxury, texture and effortless creation.

With every direction, Owen Geronimo succeeded this runway show as the creative director. The music was phenomenal and on point, with a twist on what might be a true San Franciscan’s Pandora station. And Astro Studios proved to show that great interior design and runway can truly mix.

But the real standouts of the event were the astounding drinks provided by Izze Sparkling Juice and tasteful h'orsdourves provide by Cheat-a-Little catering.

In efforts to make a great runway show, the collaboration between SFFAMA, Inc., Astro Studios, AIGA SF, SF Design Week and Fashion+Tech SF cultivated every point of design achievement and fashion victory.

This event was sponsored by 360 Fashion Network, Fizz Marketing, Izze Sparkling JuiceHip Swap, Smart Energy Shots and the SFIEC.

Lexie Tiongson interns for Stipple as a Fashion & Style Specialist researching celebrity fashion trends. She has also had editorial internships at Shojo Beat Magazine, NOVO Magazine and The Sacramento Press. She currently writes for several magazines including Arielle Simone, We The Urban Magazine and UniversityChic.com, and is a contributing writer for SFFAMA. Lexie majored in journalism and fashion at San Francisco State University and currently attends Academy of Art University studying fashion journalism and visual merchandising.