Photos by: BULLI SOT
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Find more photos like this on SFFAMA: Fashion For The People Photos By: STEPHEN SUN
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This year’s Beauty Expo was divided into three segments.  The event began with Fashion Bloggers Connect featuring local fashion bloggers Nicole Lindgren of Style Bust, Nicki Frye of Nickie Noel, Molly Covert of Rabbit Foot Fern and Alison Messinger of Eclectic à la Mode. Charleston Pierce held a very inspiring model boot camp.  Seven teams competed in the styling competition for the most creative make-up and hairstyles. Judges included Greg Griffin of Barber Lounge, Brad Carrick of Solz Shoes, Mario Benton and Amy Soderlind of Refuses To Label. The fashion installation was presneted by Pink Weave, Sincerely Varunee and RockChiq with Kate Knuvelder’s jewelry collection. The event was held at Pigment Cosmetics.

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/ Thank you so much for having me last night. It was a honor to be a part of The Beauty Expo. Also, Congrats to you! You’re doing outstanding work in our fashion community! I’m so glad you are here.

/ I was impressed by the high energy level and the spontaneity of the Beauty Expo 2011. Hats off to you for another successful evening.

  • ~ Varunne McGowan @ Sincerely Varunee

/ Thank you so much for having us at The Beauty Expo! We had a great time! It was wonderful to see all the stylists at work and be around all the beautiful people. This event was not only a good way for us to reach a wider audience and introduce them to Aveda (or re-introduce them as the case may be), but it was also a great networking opportunity. We were not only able to connect industry professionals to educate on them on our new Pro Privilege program, which is a program for beauty professionals to get a discount on our amazing products, but we were also able to connect with photographers, fashion bloggers and other people in the fashion industry that we will network with for future events for our brand. So thanks again Owen Geronimo ! We had a great time and we are looking forward to partnering with you again in the near future!!

  • ~ AUBREY ROSS, AVEDA, San Francisco Center

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