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Jean+ology was presented by THECHICSPY.COM, which was founded by editor-in-chief Mignon A. Gould. The style and entertainment blogzine is narrated from the perspective of a sartorial sleuth, who is on a mission to uncover all that is chic. 

Mignon has had a passion for fashion since she was a child. When most kiddies were cutting their teeth on “Green Eggs and Ham,” she was voraciously flipping through her grandmother’s Bergdorf Goodman catalog; clipping out the latest fashions and creating montages of the best outfits. She has written and styled for “The Arizona Republic” fashion publication “YesStyle” magazine, as well as blogged for and She wants to do for blogging, what Oprah did for daytime television. As a Chic Spy Agent, Mignon is the editor-in-chief of and director of CHIC SPY TV.

Mignon Gould is an active member of SFFAMA, she was featured as a forum speaker at a tweetup at “Fashion Mash-Up”.


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