After extensive blog research from the Ryzenberg On investigative unit, (OK, me) there are many things that stylish gals covet that go beyond clothes, shoes and baubles. But let me make something clear, we can never have enough of the aforementioned items. 

However, since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, sometimes it’s the little things that make us smile and anything pretty will always wow us. We love good fresh smells, (perfumes, candles and flowers) anything sumptuous (warning: this one might follow a ‘do I look fat or have I gained weight’ ponder) and soft (puppies and kittens, please apply.)

So if you are looking to impress your girl of BFF, here are a few ideas that might make you one lucky dog, not just on Feb. 14 for year-round bliss. Oh yeah, and leave the lingerie for us to get, but if you really want a preview, make a date so that way Victoria doesn’t hold any secrets.

In the mood for Romance? 

 Annick Goutal Scents —

Christian Louboutin By Louboutin & Garcia —

Anything from The Kaiser and Chanel —

Macarons —

NARS Red Matte Lipstick —

Hydrangeas —

Pretty Stationary —

Diptyque Candles Rose —

French Bulldogs —

Diamond and Pearl Earrings —

Set created on Polyvore

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