Ryzenberg On: Instagram Magic

So I guess I am officially on the dark side. I am ‘slightly’ obsessed with my iPhone and I won’t deny it! So after downloading Facebook and Twitter (respectively) I got the Instagram app and instantly loved it!

I now take photos of everything and share them with my peeps (this includes everything from decadent meals, amazing fashion finds and even my beloved city by the bay)

As I bid adieu to 2011 and prepare to welcome the new year, I leave you with some of my favorite snapshots from recent months (well, to be exact just December!)

Happy New Year & see you in 2011!!!

Jesica Ryzenberg is the newest contributing writer for SFFAMA. She is the voice behind the fashion blog “Ryzenberg On”. Jesica is a feisty fashionista hailing from Peru with an affinity for all Bravo TV programming. If you desire the unpredictable and love a hint of spice, then she’s your girl! Her heart is currently in San Francisco, but her soul floats around the globe.

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