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After seven years of waiting, planning, spending and fighting, the London 2012 Olympics are finally here. The Opening Ceremonies were quite the spectacle celebrating the United Kingdom’s roots, achievements and rich history.

The festivities also stirred some controversy, (union workers parading along with human rights pioneers and socialized healthcare) but also painted a colorful and cheery image of a country mostly known for its empirical dominance throughout centuries.

Of course, no British homage would be complete without a little bit of The Beatles and Shakespeare. Sir Kenneth Branagh did the honors of reciting the opening scene of the ‘Tempest,’ which was also director Danny Boyle’s inspiration for the event.

Aside from time traveling, there was something that caught my attention even more, despite the fireworks, James Bond’s grand entrance, Mr. Bean and of course BECKS, — I am referring to the Parade of Nations.

For me, this is the highlight, the start of the two-week affair before the medals are won, the records are set and the doping makes headlines. This is the time when everyone smiles and struts their stuff with their best foot forward.

Some of the teams that stood out (for me):

Team USA: The Red, White and Blue will always be a highlight. With an enormous delegation present in almost every sport, it is nice to see the random fencer next to LeBron James, smiling and of course most likely asking for a picture. After the uniform fiasco came to light, (there I said it — our mea culpa for overseas manufacturing) Mr. Lauren said this would never happen again and for the next Olympics they will be made in the U.S of A! Aside from all the politics, the boys and girls looked their Friday night best and I look forward to watching them go all the way. 

Brazil: They always bring joie de vivre no matter what they do, and of course a little bit of Carnaval comes a long way. Brazilians sure know how to make colorful duds (which of course include a lot of muscles and mini skirts) sexy — obrigado darlings! And if this is just a sneak peek, can’t wait for 2016 in Rio!

Czech Republic: Sartorially speaking, the Czechs certainly win the gold. I loved their literal interpretation of the gloomy weather London is known for! Wellies and umbrellas always come in handy in the city that houses Big Ben and Parliament.

Great Britain: The host nation went for the white and gold and looked quite dapper! After mixed reviews for the uniforms designed by Stella McCartney, the athletes are ready to compete and I enjoyed the minimalistic and almost monochromatic approach.

Now time to see the Speedos, track shorts and parade of scantly clad hotties!

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