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  • ROGUE. Established in 1999, Rogue began a men’s collection of updated classic outerwear with downtown influences. Built around the lifestyle of New York based designer Jimmy Reilly, the casual masculine leather and cloth outerwear collection rapidly gained prominence in top retail stores across North America. For more than a decade Rogue’s distinct identity, fit and market leadership inspired its designer to further develop the vision. In the Autumn of 2009, the scope of that vision was realized in the expansion of the brand as a contemporary men’s lifestyle collection. The brands identity embodies its classic beginnings with new developments amplifying the unique attitude and sophisticated style. Every garment is constructed and treated to have a worn look and personality. This unique individuality is achieved through experimental practices in fabric development and garment finishing. In the end, the Rogue’s perfect patina is achieved through specialized washing, dyeing and finishing techniques. The branded hardware, zippers, snaps and buttons are well engineered and finish each garment with character and superior quality. The untiring creative use of exclusive applications define the brand as exciting, innovative and wearable. The Rogue collection can be found in top department stores and specialty boutiques worldwide. READ PRESS .

  • SHAUN TIANGSING is a very disciplined up-and-coming photographer that works with SFFAMA at many events like San Francisco Fashion Week. He was nominated for Best Photographer at San Francisco Fashion Awards 2011. His work has been published in SF Chronicles’s Style section. A self-proclaimed introvert with a bad memory, Shaun uses photography as a tool to document or remember things. His poignant relationship with the camera makes him an outstanding photographer with the appreciation of the craft as an art form.