[ Models: Rachel, Aubrey, Steve and Daniel. Photos By: Alex Alvarenga & Mariya Novistki. Fashions: Anya Tatarenko, Malin Namita, Black Helmet Apparel. Make-Up: Pigment Cosmetics ]

[ Models: Steve, Olivia, Brian. Fashions by: Tosca Soraya, Black Helmet Apparel. Photos by: Alex Alvarenga & Mariya Novitski ]

INDUSTRY MEET-UP for fashion designers, models, photographers and interns.

    * Portfolio Night & SF Fashion Industry Meet-Up & Open Calls
    * April 27, 2011, Weds, 6-9pm
    * DONATION at the door for Red Cross, Japan Tsunami Earthquake Relief
    * Pigment Cosmetics, One Market Street, San Francisco, CA
    * RSVP HERE. SEE Event Info

What is Portfolio Night?

  1. Meet-up for San Francisco Fashion Industry professionals 
  2. Who should attend: Models, Photographers, Stylists, Fashion Designers, Fashion Bloggers, Media are all encouraged to attend
  3. Introduction (attendees) circle, network with other attendees in a workshop setting
  4. Share your portfolio with other fashion professionals, Present your product, show and tell,
  5. Brainstorm and share new ideas about the thriving local fashion industry
  6. Have the organizers review your work constructively
  7. Connect and network with prospective contacts (clients) in the fashion industry
  8. Get advise about your career in fashion
  9. Bring your resume, portfolio, zed cards, product samples
  10. Learn from the true experts in the local fashion industry
  11. Learn from our very grassroots approach… with special guests


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   3. San Francisco Fashion Week ™ 2011 @ http://www.sanfranciscofashionweek.net/
   4. Committee for San Francisco Fashion Week ™ 2011
   5. Interns for SFFAMA @ http://sffama.com/
   6. Interns for San Francisco Fashion Week ™ 2011

Get Involved With… SFFAMA & San Francisco Fashion Week. Find out about these free offers, headshots for models, model workshops, online portfolios for: models, photographers, stylists and upcoming fashion designers.