Photos by: Owen Geronimo. Thanks to Mitch and his wonderful SF crew: Catelyn, Kyle, Victor & Michael ] 

San Francisco’s menswear retail market just got a little more interesting with the new arrival of Onassis at 845 Market Street in the Westfield Centre.  If you missed the write up in WWDOnassis has been eyeing the West Coast and San Francisco, replete and overflowing with creative professionals and lots of discerning guys in Silicon Valley who can wear Japanese selvage jeans and a chesterfield coat to work every day, since they launched the lifestyle brand in 2010. The first location outside of New York, San Francisco is also the next step in a global expansion strategy which will see store openings in sophisticated and creative capitals across the US, Europe and Asia such as Boston, London and Berlin.

My own background is steeped in classic Americana, Japan and Europe, and the Onassis brand concept and product were love at first sight. With Global, Classic and Confident as a tag line, Onassis has small development teams working across several continents to create American-inspired designs with European styling and Japanese aesthetics and fabrics priced very nicely at the lower end of contemporary. The San Francisco location is currently stocked with smart, stylish wardrobe essentials, but will have the added benefit of exclusively tailored items and collections once Onassis familiarizes itself with the local San Francisco ethos and customer base. Asked about the possibility of locally manufactured products, Onassis store manager Mitch Silverstein promised to keep an eye open for new developments and craftwork in the San Francisco apparel and accessories industry.

I should also note that Onassis is ready and willing to take chances with experimental designs in their SoHo location and higher priced premium and “emotional” pieces at Rockefeller Center. So if you’re in the market for a discerning wardrobe upgrade, a perfect wool houndstooth 3 button blazer with working button holes or a perfect quilted leather vest or a perfect shrunken vest in Japanese fabrics and a perfect espresso in a cozy club-like lounge area, these precious things can all be yours at the new Onassis store in San Francisco.