NEXT GEN Fashion Designers is a presentation night for local fashion designers looking for funding. Each designer will make a live presentation with their models of 2 and a slide show. BOOK/RSVP HERE.

Details about Fashion Incubator: 

  1. 100% production funding for selected designs provided.
  2. Worldwide exposure at no cost to designers.
  3. All production and logistical burdens, designers can focus on design are taken care of
  4. Designers earn profit, risk free!
  5. Generous royalties are paid to designers, earn up to 20% per garment.
  6. We do not devalue your product by offering heavy discounts.
  7. We are focused on quality and manufactures everything in San Francisco, USA.
  8. We sell direct to your customer, maintain healthy margins and share more profit with our designers.
  9. Designers benefit from our organization and incubator partner’s advertising and marketing initiatives.
  10. We shorten the time in which your designs reach the market.
  11. Manufacturing to be done locally