[ Photos by Del Geronimo. Model: David ]


San Francisco, CA (10/01/2011) Malin Namita Couture - After successfully showcasing their first men’s and women’s collection during SFFAMA’s Pret-A-Porter SF a year ago, Malin Namita Couture is proud to announce a trunk show and launch of their new collection.

This ‘Trunk Sale’ will take place in one of San Francisco’s prime real estate highrises, The Infinity Towers, in San Francisco on Sunday, October 23, 2011 at the Club Lounge at 333 Main St. Level 3, SF, CA 94105. The trunk sale will begin at 11am and ends at 4pm. Refreshments and appetizers will be available for customers.

The presentation will showcase the new collection of Malin Namita Couture’s men’s and women’s apparel line with accessory/jewelry and home collections for purchase.  The collection comprises intricately with Lucknowi Chikan inspired embroideries and uniquely designed products including Indian inspired jewelry and home collection of heritage concepts. 

Malin Namita Couture imbues style incorporating the royal Indian lifestyle and Lucknaowi Chikan concepts reminiscent of the Maharaja era. The collection provides a glimpse of the luxurious life of the monarch during this time of ultimate expression of artistry and magnificence. The inspiration reminiscent of the royal monarchy’s sense of style, of sophistication and grace. The inspiration stemmed from depicting a royal family and their cultural identity. Malin Namita’s vision eminates from the colorful past of India’s monarchy, from the British influence to the runways of Europe’s modern couture skyline. By inter-mingling inspirations between East and West, this stylish collection is of dedicated passion.

Also exhibiting is contemporary artist Kay Kang. This exhibition demonstrates Kang’s Buncheong works’ appeal and relevance to 21st century artists and viewers.

To RSVP, please visit Eventbrite to print your entrance ticket or for more information please contact Malin Namita at malinnamitacouture@yahoo.com. For media relations please contact Owen Geronimo at contact@sffamainc.org

[ Watch Malin Namita’s Collection during Pret-A-Porter SF 2010. Featured Designers: Anya Tatarenko, Magdalena Trever, Malin Namita Couture, Mikelsen, Rock Chiq, Tosca Soraya, Vayaro, West Coast Leather, Work Clothes. Produced By: SFFAMA Inc., Creative Director: Owen Geronimo. Pret-A-Porter SF 2010, was nominated for Best Fashion Event, Best Creative Director at San Francisco Fashion Awards 2010 ]