(Photo By: Kevin Man)


  •  Lori Dawn, founded in early summer 1985, reflects a girl outside of time, although, abiding by the same laws of physics that confine and define us all. She traverses eras, genres, and styles both whimsical and traditional.  The conglomeration of re-used materials assembled with aesthetics, reverie, and innovation define her designs. Not a label, a company, or a status, Lori Dawn designs for herself, her imagination, the audience with whom she shares her creations, and West Coast fashionistas.   Lori Dawn is a girl of many talents. She designs and creates one of a kind clothing, organizes and produces kick-ass photo shoots and runway shows, is a stylist and professional shopper, and works with up and coming models.

  • Sally started experimenting with textiles as a young teen by trying to make the most out of one garment. Attempting to wear jackets as pants, suspenders, scarves, dresses etc., was just the start. “Not much has changed,” she willingly admits. Except now she’s formally educated in design and has developed industry experience. Although her aesthetic continues to evolve there is always a sense of wit to her boho-grunge looks. On her path of exploring new art forms, Sally recently started designing and handcrafting hats. This fun hobby has sprouted into a small business called “hats & tales” that you can find on etsy at www.etsy.com/sallymariehahn. Also, view her portfolio at www.sallymariehahn.com