(Photo by: JT Paradox)

Fancy French Cologne is owned and operated by two ladies not unlike yourself.

We are Christine Bolghand and Carly Schneider-Clark. We live in San Francisco, where we met in 2004 and formed an indie rock band called Finest Dearest. After several releases and countless tours across the United States, the band called it quits and we launched Fancy French Cologne as our newest venture together. During this time, we have come to discover that the similarities in running a business and being in a touring band are quite striking! You can read more about our process on our blog, which dates back to our first month as a business.

As Fancy French Cologne, we are committed to bringing you a unique perspective on the online shopping experience—one that conjures the intimacy of browsing your favorite local boutique. We’ve hand-selected every style you see in our shop, and are especially proud of our curated selection of handmade items, which we worked with our designers to customize just for you. We personally love everything you see, and hope that you will too.