Our mission is to provide an open dialogue forum on how to develop innovative solutions to become better business entrepreneurs. This workshop was developed as a platform to discuss the business of fashion and arts through the utilization of current business models and technologies. As a thriving epicenter of independent talents, FASHION+TECHSF features local entrepreneurs, fashion designers, bloggers, retailers and techies in an effort to brainstorm and share new business solutions and to create an exchange network amongst peers in San Francisco’s fashion and art community. Presented By: San Francisco Fashion And Merchants Alliance. Featuring: Gwendolyn Wright: The Wright Consultants, Brad Carrick: Solz Shoes, Paula Mattisonsierra: P. Mattison Consulting. BOOK/ RSVP Here

TOPIC: How to Start a Business in Fashion (Retail, Fashion Design, Boutique)


  1. What kind of business documentions is necessary to start a business?
  2. How to create a business plan? What goes into a business plan?
  3. What are the Start-up costs? Where to get start-up financing?
  4. How to get professional help to start a business?
  5. How to evaluate a potential location? Why is location important?
  6. How to obtain your merchandise? How to do a physical inventory?
  7. How to set your prices? Determining mark-up and margins?
  8. How to handle your daily cash sales? What do I need to know about accounting or bookeeping? How to get paid? Payment and Revenue Strategies?
  9. What is Effective selling, publicity or marketing technique?