by Lexie Tiongson

Every woman loves a great dress. With all the different cuts, lengths, colors, materials and combinations used to make a specific dress, any woman can find a dress to match her specific style and personality. Now, the holidays are all about giving and caring about your family. But a way to stick out and to represent yourself as an individual, is wearing a dress or outfit that you love and feel confident in. 

From left to right:

  • The streamer strapless dress represents the edgy party girl. With pleated ruffles and a strapless bodice corset in the back, this dress represents the individuality of the girl who just LOVES to have fun and socialize at parties.
  • The stripe v neck babydoll dress represents the girly funky and flirty girl. With a sexy v neckline and babydoll cut, this dress shows a girl’s feminine side. Adding a pair of tights and black pumps will make it the perfect outfit for any holiday party.
  • The silver goddess one shoulder sheath dress represents the cute eclectic party girl. With shimmery metallic threads and a lace overlay, this dress makes any girl shimmer in the light. It’s a classic mixed with a feminine twist. Find your inner goddess with this dress.
  • The pow! poof! strapless dress represents the preppy, feminine an dainty girl. With lots of tulle, buttons and a belt, this dress takes any girl into the modern american wonderland. 

  • Lexie Tiongson interns for Stipple as a Fashion & Style Specialist researching celebrity fashion trends. She has also had editorial internships at Shojo Beat Magazine, NOVO Magazine and The Sacramento Press. She currently writes for several magazines including Astonish Magazine, We The Urban Magazine and, and is a new contributing writer for SFFAMA. Lexie majored in journalism and fashion at San Francisco State University and currently attends Academy of Art University studying fashion journalism and visual merchandising.

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