Gorilla Workshop launches “Gorilla Kick-Off Set,” the first 6 shirts to be made through a partnership with San Francisco Fashion And Merchants Alliance, Inc. (SFFAMA) and crowd funding site IndieGOGO. Design, Inspire, Create – Gorilla Workshop 

San Francisco, CA. March 2012 – Gorilla Workshop announces the pre-launch of their first shirt designs to be put into production. Gorilla Workshop is a collaborative collective of artists, designers and illustrators intent on creating great and unique apparel. Check out the first 6 designs that have been chosen. 

SFFAMA, the largest and most innovative fashion organization in Northern California, has partnered with IndieGOGO, the world’s largest global funding platform. This partnership enables anyone with a fashion-related project to raise the funding necessary to make their dreams become reality. “Gorilla Workshop” will be one of the inaugural campaigns featured on the dedicated SFFAMA page on IndieGOGO

Jonathan Niemuth, founder of Gorilla Workshop, explains “Gorilla Workshopwas created so other artists and designers could create and be recognized for their work knowing that their designs will be produced as the highest quality product possible.” 

Gorilla Workshop, a San Francisco apparel collective founded in 2011, is intent on providing unique urban apparel while giving great artists the ability to showcase their talent and earn from their designs. Not only are we promoting the individual, but we are also using local businesses in any way we can. Our shirt manufacturers are in Los Angeles, our screen printers and cut & sew teams are in San Francisco and Oakland. Not only do we want to stimulate creativity, but we also want to stimulate the local economy. Design, Inspire, Create – Gorilla Workshop

Jonathan Niemuth (Founder). Jonathan Niemuth is a local San Francisco creative and entrepreneur. After graduating art school in industrial design, he immediately jumped into the construction business, but never lost his passion for design and apparel. In 2005, he made his first line of men’s jackets, successfully sourcing the fabric he wanted and finding local cut & sew shops to make his prototypes. His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for high-quality apparel lead him to collaborate with like-minded creatives and start Gorilla Workshop. 

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