Space has always been a concern in San Francisco, a city surrounded by hills, the ocean, and the bay, but even more as the city is becoming the nation’s innovation hub with burgeoning technology and digital media sectors. The city today faces declining vacancies and rising rents: expansion within the city limits increasingly becomes a challenge for firms. SFCED and Gensler paired to look for solutions to this growing problem.

We answer questions such as: Is the overheated market of the dot-com days returning? Are there spaces within San Francisco where evolving firms can expand? Where are these spaces? What can growth strategies in this context look like?

We evaluated spatial needs of technology companies, desirable neighborhood characteristics and availability across the city and found some amazing spaces that we want to share with the community. Meet up with other tech companies for beer, music, and some serious socializing and explore the new hot spots in San Francisco! BOOK/ RSVP Here.