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Gaultierize Yourself! An orchestration of professional backstage talent wranglers await, with collaborating partners: Gregangelo and Velocity CircusAtelier EmmanuelSan Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance & Owen Geronimo,Monique Jenkinson (aka Fauxnique), Atelier Petrushka—and you! Friday Nights at the de Young, after-hours art “happenings” that include a mix of live music, dance performances, film screenings, panel discussions, lectures, artist demonstrations, special performances, hands-on art activities and exhibition tours.

  • SHAUN TIANGSING is a very disciplined up-and-coming photographer that works with SFFAMA at many events like San Francisco Fashion Week. He was nominated for Best Photographer at San Francisco Fashion Awards 2011. His work has been published in SF Chronicles’s Style section. A self-proclaimed introvert with a bad memory, Shaun uses photography as a tool to document or remember things. His poignant relationship with the camera makes him an outstanding photographer with the appreciation of the craft as an art form.