This presentation and networking event allows fashion designers to present and discuss their designs for consideration in a new fashion incubator. Aspiring designers must register with FASHION+TECHSF in advance in order to present. Attendees will also be able to meet other entrepreneurs who provide resources for the local fashion and tech industries including local fashion entrepreneurs, business professionals, interns, students, designers, app developers, bloggers, stylists and producers.

  • WHAT: FASHION+TECHSF: Next Gen Fashion Designers / Fashion Incubator Presentations
  • WHEN: May 17th, 2012, Door opens at 5:30pm
  • WHERE: Pigment Cosmetics, One Market Street #140, San Francisco, CA
  • RSVP: Eventbrite/ $10 at the door

FEATURED PRESENTERS/ DESIGNERS: Audrey Szeto, Claire Farwell, Deborah Hodgson, Diana Mitchell, Dustin Page, Gerry Kelly, Jonathan Niemuth, Julian Prince Dash, Mariya Milovidova, Scott Mcfarland, Skylier Blanchard, Tamara Jaric

Product Presentation By: 

HipSwap is a mobile and web marketplace that enables you to discover what’s inside the most fabulous closets, homes and shops in your neighborhood - or any neighborhood across America. HipSwap also enables any person, merchant, stylist, artist or designer to quickly and easily sell products to friends, customers, fans or neighbors. And best of all, HipSwap delivers in Los Angeles and gearing up to roll out delivery in major cities across America throughout 2012.

We connect fashion designers, fashion startups, app developers and retail/fashion entrepreneurs to human and capital resources. Find out what all the buzz is about in fashion and technology. Come learn about innovative new products and business models and the people behind them to accelerate your networking and business opportunities. Present and promote your product. Get feedback. Get users. Get a fanbase. Get connected to an enthusiastic community of fashion professionals, entrepreneurs and resources.