by: Lexie Tiongson

A couple of aspiring fashion goers gathered on Thursday, January 19th at FIDM for FASHION+TECHSF’s Workshop: Applying Mobile Tech Strategies to Your Fashion Business. Speakers included Karen Song of Stylematic and Yuan Zhang of

Owners of fashion businesses learned how the marketing aspect of fashion industry is what’s most important.

Stylematic introduced their mobile app as a tool that focuses on personalization for shoppers. It is the “Pandora” for personal style. Stylmatic understands your preferences for what you like and what you want to buy. All of you have to do is complete a style profile. also announced their mobile app as a tool for shopper to discover what stores are near and what you can buy from a lot of San Francisco boutiques. It showcases what they carry, what style they have and what designers they have. The app also gives shoppers a discount.

A discussion came to follow about how owners of fashion businesses can adopt and implement mobile technology into their business. Discovery becomes the absolute key for mobile app boutiques. Learning about something new excites customers and wants them to involve themselves in the retail store or fashion business.

As technology gets utilized in many businesses throughout the US, mobile technology becomes just as important. Fashion businesses can take advantage of this way to market their brand. Mobile apps are a way for their clients to benefit from potential discounts and discovery of fashion boutiques and retail stores.

In conclusion, applying mobile tech strategies to your fashion business would be a great thing to consider as an addition to marketing and introducing your brand.

FIDM and SFFAMA sponsored the workshop. PR and Marketing done by Owen Geronimo. Hostess: Marcelina M. Burch. Moderator: Nick Frost.

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