[ Photos By Armand Smith© 2012 All rights Reserved ] THANK YOU to our speakers: Karri Ann Frerichs of Altitude Promotions, Jill Fraser and Milan Lazich of Jill Milan, LLC. Thanks to our product presenters: Hipswap, SnobSwap, The Green Stylist, Batiste Design, Krasa Design, Rodan+Fields and our guests: Sasha Maks, A Slice of Fashion, Fuston Flow Creation, Nelou Network, CB2 Builders, I2U, SK Telecom Americas, Style Tag, SVP Financial Group, Scott Ian Macfarland, Motion Portrait, Reveler, Kernel Capital, Inc., FIDM SF, SeeZenn and The Brush Guard. Thanks to our team: Robert Nixon, Nichelle Cole, Armand Smith and Nick Chagniot. Moderated and Publicity by: Owen Geronimo

FASHION+TECHSF Presents Talk Series with Local Fashion Entrepreneurs. This networking event allows attendees to meet other entrepreneurs who provide resources for the local fashion and tech industries. Participants include local fashion entrepreneurs, business professionals, interns, students, designers, app developers, bloggers, stylists and producers. Each product presenter will be given up to 5 minutes to introduce themselves and their product or business.

We connect fashion startups, app developers and retail/fashion entrepreneurs to human and capital resources.Find out what all the buzz is about in fashion and technology. Come learn about innovative new products and business models and the people behind them to accelerate your networking and business opportunities. Present and promote your product. Get feedback. Get users. Get a fanbase. Get connected to an enthusiastic community of fashion professionals, entrepreneurs and resources.

FASHION+TECHSF (formerly FashionMashup) is the longest running monthly workshop and event series in the San Francisco Bay Area focused synergistically on building, promoting and educating the vibrant community of fashion and technology entrepreneurs, designers, developers, bloggers, business professionals, students, investors and numerous enthusiastic companies, schools, groups and individuals who share our vision of a world-class fashion and technology industry that is innovative, disruptive and uniquely San Francisco.  

Our mission is to create educational, social and business opportunities for the fashion and technology industries. In the past two years, FASHION+TECHSF has become the leading network for all things fashion and technology in the SF Bay Area. For media relations, publicity, product promotionssponsorship opportunities, and booking info, please email Owen Geronimo at - contact@sffamainc.org