FASHION+TECHSF 02.21.12 Mentors & Apprentices Speakers: LILI BALFOUR of Atelier AdvisorsNEELU JAIN of SoulsticeJOANNA RILEY WEIDENMILLER of The 1-Page Company and BETH BLECHERMAN of Tech Mamas. PR/Publicity By: OWEN GERONIMO. All Photos By: SHAUN TIANGSING ] 

FASHION+TECHSF 02.21.12 Mentors & Apprentices Speakers: LILI BALFOUR of Atelier AdvisorsNEELU JAIN of Soulstice, BRAD CARRICK of Solz ShoesJOANNA RILEY WEIDENMILLER of The 1-Page Company and BETH BLECHERMAN of Tech Mamas. PR/Publicity By: OWEN GERONIMO. All Photos By: SHAUN TIANGSING ] 


FASHION+TECHSF 02.21.12 Mentors & ApprenticesBETH BLECHERMAN of Tech Mamas. Photo By: SHAUN TIANGSING ] 

FASHION+TECHSF 02.21.12 Mentors & ApprenticesNEELU JAIN of Soulstice, Photo By: SHAUN TIANGSING ] 

FASHION+TECHSF 02.21.12 Mentors & Apprentices : LILI BALFOUR of Atelier Advisors Photo By: SHAUN TIANGSING ] 

[ Sponsor: JUSTIN SUH (w/ winner) of Intern Sushi. Photo By: SHAUN TIANGSING ] 

[ Special Guest: Jake Gasaway of Stitch Labs. Photo By: SHAUN TIANGSING ]

[ Co-Moderator: BRAD CARRICK of Solz Shoes. Photo By: SHAUN TIANGSING ] 


  • FASHION+TECHSF Presents: Mentors & Apprentices. Mentors and Apprentices is a career workshop and a networking event for the fashion, technology and creative industries in the SF Bay Area. Business owners who work in fashion, marketing, technology, art and design related professions introduced their businesses and/or products, explained what they do, discussed their industry challenges and the nature of their internship opportunity, followed by a Q&A session. Mentors then met and interacted with participants and guests. Students and entrepreneurs alike attended this alternative career workshop. Internship opportunity and requirements are determined by each mentor. Resumes recommended. 

FASHION+TECHSF (formerly FashionMashup) is the longest running monthly workshop and event series in the San Francisco Bay Area focused synergistically on building, promoting and educating the vibrant community of fashion and technology entrepreneurs, designers, developers, bloggers, business professionals, students, investors and numerous enthusiastic companies, schools, groups and individuals who share our vision of a world-class fashion and technology industry that is innovative, disruptive and uniquely San Francisco.  

Our mission is to create educational, social and business opportunities for the fashion and technology industries. In the past two years, FASHION+TECHSF has become the leading network for all things fashion and technology in the SF Bay Area. 

SHAUN TIANGSING is a very disciplined up-and-coming photographer that works with SFFAMA at many events like San Francisco Fashion Week. He was nominated for Best Photographer at San Francisco Fashion Awards 2011. His work has been published in SF Chronicles’s Style section. A self-proclaimed introvert with a bad memory, Shaun uses photography as a tool to document or remember things. His poignant relationship with the camera makes him an outstanding photographer with the appreciation of the craft as an art form.

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