Brooks Brothers currently has the following job opportunity: “General Store Manager”, in their Flagship in San Francisco. Make sure to mention: Referred by Owen Geronimo of SFFAMA. Send your cover letter & resume to: Richard Brasley -at-

Bottega Veneta, Red Digital Camera are proud to announce NEW EXPOSURE, a search for new talent in photography. This unprecedented competition, the first of what will be an annual event, brings together three forces in the world of photography to find extraordinary and undiscovered photographers. Join the Facebook competition to vote for your favorite photographer

What does summer mean to you? Submissions 
(June 15th thru July 15th). Submissions up until July 15th. Email your name, the title of the image, a brief description, and the picture as an attachment to Use the subject line SUMMER PHOTO CONTEST. Only accepting one picture per person, please only send one. Only submit your own original photography. More info at: